Architect Spotlight - FRANK O. GEHRY

The following covers the most significant parts of Frank O. Gehry's body of work but it is by no means a complete list.

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Gehry - BP Pedestrian Bridge

Gehry - Binoculars Building

Gehry - Jay Pritzker Pavilion

BP Pedestrian Bridge - Chicago, IL, USA

Binoculars Building aka Chiat/Day Building,
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Chicago, IL, USA

Gehry - IAC Building

Gehry - Mart Museum

Gehry - Peter B. Lewis Building

IAC Building, New York, NY, USA

MARTa Museum, Hereford, Germany

Peter B. Lewis Building, Cleveland, OH, USA

Gehry - Richard B Fisher Center

Gehry - Weisman Art Museum

Gehry - 
Der Neue Zollhof

Richard B. Fisher Center, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, USA

Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis,

Der Neue Zollhof, Dusseldorf, Germany

Gehry - Vitra Design Museum

Gehry - Marques de Riscal Vineyard Hotel

Gehry - 
Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, Germany

Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Gehry - 
Guggenheim Museum

Gehry - 
Cinémathèque Française

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain

Cinémathèque Française, Paris, France

Gehry - Venice Beach House

Gehry - Gehry Tower

Gehry - The Dancing House

Gehry Tower, Hanover, Germany

The Dancing House, Prague, Czech Republic

Gehry - Walt Disney Concert Hall

Gehry - Novartis HR Building

Gehry - Serpentine Gallery

Novartis HR Building, Basel, Switzerland

Serpentine Gallery , Hyde Park, London, UK

Gehry - 
Ray and Maria Stata Center

Gehry - 
EMP Museum

Ray and Maria Stata Center, Cambridge, MA, USA

EMP Museum, Seattle, WA, USA